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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Where to Get Vintage Mid-Century Modern Furnishings in San Francisco

Another Time's Neon Sign

Why live with boring decor when you can have a stylish home that you love coming home to everyday?? A place that makes you happy and that others enjoy seeing when they visit you. I have to be surrounded by fun, colorful, vintage things in my living space and over the years I've been collecting things that make my home a very happy place to live. 

It's always fun to find an amazing vintage furniture piece or set at an estate sale, thrift store or on Craig's List, but good vintage stuff on the cheap is harder to come by these days.  Usually, my husband and I prefer to shop where we know that our odds of finding something cool and in great shape are high.  Of course, you have to pay a little or a lot more for it, but in my opinion, it's worth the money and time savings to be able to find exactly what you need and want in great condition.  The perfect place to do that is in San Francisco at a vintage furniture store called Another Time. Located at 1710 Market St. in San Francisco, Another Time is in an area that is called "The Deco Ghetto." They are "an established vintage Heywood-Wakefield, Mid-Cetury and Art Deco store" according to their website. Their furniture selections include Danish Modern Teak, Rosewood, Heywood-Wakefield, Brown Saltman, Paul McCobb, Gilbert Rohde, Widdicomb, Russel Wright and more." That is a direct quote from their website, which you can access here.

Say hello to this gorgeous Heywood-Wakefield desk and chair!  Pam's husband has refinished many of the items in their store including this set.   

I WANT the shelf unit pictured here.
Um…I believe that is a MOSS LAMP sitting on top of it (see my post about Moss Lamps for more info.)!

Next time you are in San Francisco, you must stop by Another Time for your Mid-Century Modern furniture fix.  My husband and I have been shopping there for YEARS.  In fact, most of the furnishings in our home are from that store!   I love going in and just looking around while pretending I can afford anything I want.  

They also have fabulous vintage prints, wall art, bark cloth curtain panels, dish sets, Bakelite fixtures and MORE.  Pam Groot is the store owner, and she's super helpful.  

I want the panther print in this photo!  I wouldn't complain if I could also 
afford to buy the bamboo furniture beneath it!

Here's a sweet, pink Mid-Century Modern lamp!  Perfect for 
your pink boudoir.

I'll take the chair and the dishes in the cabinet in the glass 
case there, while I'm at it.  

A Few Simple Decorating tips:

It saves time if you know what you want in advance. For example, I needed another end table in our living room so I could put out my Moss lamps.  I knew that I wanted a Heywood Wakefield end table so that it would match our other furniture in that room. Another Time had exactly what we wanted. 

I'm not very organized around decorating.  I pretty much buy most of the things that I love and make it fit in (unless it's a big ticket item like furniture).  But it really helps to have a color theme.  I know that anything pink, sky blue, brown or forest green will go in my living room.  Many of the things I find that I love are in those colors, so it works!

When I'm at a loss for ideas, I like to look through magazines or online images for inspiration.  You can type in your search engine window, "Mid-Century Modern living room," or whatever room you are looking to update and then look through those images until you find something that gives you inspiration.  Or, buy a magazine like Atomic Ranch or get vintage magazines from the era you love.  You could pull out pages from those magazines and start a binder, or make a bulletin board of colors and images that you like. If you are shopping and find a piece of furniture or a print that is a statement piece, you can decorate the room around it.  

I'll show photos of how my house is decorated (wait for it)…ANOTHER TIME. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

I am sincerely grateful to all of my readers.  I hope you enjoyed todays post. Thank you for stopping by. Happy decorating!